Sailing Safely: Renter's Insurance Prepares Your Boat Rental Business for the Future

June 27, 2023


The boat rental industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, driven by advancements in technology and changes in legislation. One such notable change is the enactment of the Florida "Boating Safety Act of 2022" or SB 606, which imposes new safety and regulatory requirements for boat rental companies. This article will discuss these changes and how boat rental companies can adapt to this new landscape.

Understanding the New Legislation: SB 606

The Boating Safety Act of 2022 has introduced several key requirements that affect boat rental companies in Florida. The Act stipulates that operators of vessels used for water sports and activities must use engine cutoff switches and wear operative links to the switches under certain conditions. This safety measure aims to prevent accidents and injuries by ensuring that the engine shuts off if the operator is ejected from the vessel. Furthermore, boat rental companies are now required to obtain a livery permit before offering a vessel for lease or rent. This permit ensures that rental companies meet specific safety standards and have the necessary liability coverage in place.

Additionally, the new legislation empowers courts to impose specific fines for boating collisions and accidents caused by reckless behavior or violation of safety regulations. These fines act as a deterrent and encourage boat operators and rental companies to prioritize safety and comply with the law.

Adapting to the New Legislation: Insurance Requirements and Buoy

One of the key requirements of the new legislation is the need for boat rental companies to offer insurance that covers the renter. This insurance coverage provides protection to the renter in case of accidents, property damage, or personal injury during the rental period. This is where Buoy, a digital insurance solution, comes into play. Buoy allows boat rental companies and their renters to obtain insurance coverage on a per-trip basis, ensuring compliance with the new law and providing peace of mind to both parties involved.

The process of integrating Buoy into your boat rental company's operations is quite straightforward. After registering your fleet with Buoy, renters can sign up on Buoy's platform, search for your listed boat by its registration number, and purchase insurance. Buoy also facilitates the completion of the required pre-charter safety instructions and the inspection of the boat's condition before each rental. The streamlined, paperless process offered by Buoy makes it convenient and environmentally friendly for both rental companies and renters.

The Benefits of Buoy: Compliance and Convenience

Beyond compliance with SB 606, Buoy offers several other advantages for boat rental companies. The insurance policy provided by Buoy covers both the renter and the rental company during the rental period. This comprehensive coverage ensures that any potential liabilities are adequately addressed and mitigated. Boat rental companies can have peace of mind knowing that their renters are protected, reducing the financial risk associated with potential accidents or damages.

Furthermore, Buoy's insurance policy is structured in a way that the cost is passed on to the renter making it a cost-effective solution for boat rental businesses. By shifting the insurance cost to the renter, rental companies can protect their bottom line while still complying with the new legislation.

Another advantage of Buoy is its flexibility in integrating with existing booking systems. If you are using popular platforms such as Boatsetter or Stellar, renters can purchase insurance directly at the checkout stage, seamlessly incorporating the insurance coverage into the rental transaction. For rental companies with their booking systems, Buoy offers assistance in integrating their platform through APIs and developer-friendly documentation. This flexibility allows rental companies to continue using their preferred booking systems while ensuring compliance with the insurance requirements of the new legislation.


The Boating Safety Act of 2022 brings with it new responsibilities for boat rental companies in Florida. With these changes, companies need to adapt their operations to ensure compliance with the new law. Buoy, a digital insurance solution, offers a seamless way for these companies to meet the new insurance requirements, making it an excellent tool for navigating these new legislative waters. By integrating Buoy into your operations, you can ensure compliance, protect both your company and your renters, and streamline your processes. Buoy provides comprehensive coverage, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility in integrating with existing booking systems. By embracing these changes and prioritizing safety, boat rental companies can sail confidently into the future, knowing they are well-prepared and fully compliant with the new legislation.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or financial advice.

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