Uncover the ins and outs of boating, from mastering safety best practices for fun-filled times on the water, to navigating the financial and insurance aspects of renting or owning your dream boat.


Boat Rental Safety for First Time Boaters

First-time boat renters and boat insurance companies alike should work together to ensure a safe trip. Use these tips whether you’re seasoned on the water or it’s your first time renting a watercraft for a fun trip.

Anchors Away! Guide to a Safe and Fun Boat Rental

This guide to safe and fun boat rentals emphasizes the importance of partnering with a reliable rental service, understanding safety equipment and features, conducting a pre-departure inspection, complying with local regulations, and practicing responsible boating. Buoy, a per-trip insurance service, offers comprehensive coverage and resources to ensure a safe and worry-free boating experience.

Why You Should Always Purchase Insurance for Your Boat Rental

Renting a boat without insurance can lead to severe financial and legal consequences. Buoy offers digital insurance solutions that provide comprehensive coverage for both renters and rental companies, including liability insurance that covers costs related to potential accidents and damages. With protection limits of up to $500,000 per person and $1M per occurrence, Buoy's coverage is a cost-effective solution that ensures compliance with local laws and regulations and contributes to a safer and more enjoyable boating experience.

Do I Really Need Boat Insurance? Top 5 Things That Can Go Wrong When Renting a Boat

Discover the top 5 things that can go wrong when renting a boat and what you can do to avoid them. Learn why Boat Rental Insurance is your best friend!