Boat Rental Insurance Made Easy

Buoy is a digital insurance solution that allows boat rental companies and their renters to get insured on a per trip basis.

Get started with 3 simple steps

Register your fleet

Create an account and register your boat(s). You can get started on your own or schedule a demo with one of our specialists. Depending on your fleet size, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes!


Start renting out

At the dock, have the renter sign up on Buoy and search for your listed boat by the registration number. Buoy helps your renters purchase insurance and complete the required pre-charter safety instructions and inspect the boat’s condition - completely paperless!



Complete the check-out process with the renter when they return the boat at the end of their charter.

Get started

Get your FWC Livery Permit

The new FL Boating Safety Act of 2022 (SB606) mandates boat rental companies to offer insurance that covers the renter. Buoy’s insurance policy is compliant with the new law and covers the renter. However, providing renter's insurance is just the first step. You also need to apply for the FWC Livery Permit. But fear not! We'll help you do it - for FREE.

Get Livery Permit

For Boat Rental Companies

Buoy offers usage-based coverage for boat rental companies and their renters. Renters pay for insurance on a per-trip basis. With Buoy, you get peace of mind while staying compliant with relevant legislation. Our specialists are excited to help you get on board - book a demo today!

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