Ensuring a Smooth Sail with Digital Insurance

October 9, 2023


The boat rental sector is no exception in the modern age, where digital solutions drive efficiency across industries. Embracing digital insurance solutions streamlines the rental process and provides peace of mind to both rental companies and their patrons. One such solution leading the charge is Buoy, which offers a seamless, per-trip insurance model that ensures a smooth sail from dock to deck. This article explores how Buoy's digital insurance solution revolutionizes the boat rental industry, making compliance easy and rental experiences memorable.

Buoy's Per-Trip Insurance Model

Buoy has introduced a digital insurance solution that alleviates the hassles traditionally associated with boat rental insurance. By providing insurance on a per-trip basis, both boat rental companies and their renters can obtain the necessary coverage effortlessly. This model is designed to facilitate ease of insurance purchase and compliance with legal requirements, such as the Florida Safe Boating Act of 2022, ensuring a seamless rental process from start to finish.

Benefits for Rental Companies and Renters

With Buoy's per-trip insurance model, rental companies have the advantage of offering a straightforward insurance solution to their customers, promoting trust and satisfaction. On the other hand, renters benefit from a transparent, easy-to-navigate insurance purchase, ensuring they are adequately covered for their aquatic adventures. The digital nature of Buoy's service also means a paperless process, reducing administrative burdens and contributing to a greener, more sustainable rental practice.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Buoy’s insurance model complies with the Florida Safe Boating Act of 2022, which mandates boat rental companies to offer insurance covering the renter. By adopting Buoy's digital insurance solution, rental companies adhere to the law and simplify the process of obtaining the necessary FWC Livery Permit. This compliance assurance and a user-friendly interface make Buoy a reliable partner in navigating the legal waters of boat rentals.


The digital evolution has ushered in a new era of convenience and efficiency in the boat rental industry. Buoy stands at the helm of this transformation with its innovative per-trip insurance model. By simplifying insurance procurement and ensuring compliance with legal mandates, Buoy is enhancing the rental experience for both companies and their customers, making every voyage a smooth sail from dock to deck.

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